Mathematics: A Key to Artificial Intelligence

In the world of modern engineering, mathematics is simply essential as nearly everything is expressed in a form of mathematical equation called Differential Equations. In order to take a step forward, you will need to solve hundreds of complex equations, which is why mathematical knowledge is so important here. Of course, computers will do all the problem solving and calculations for you—they are much faster and more accurate—so you just need to understand and grasp the concept firmly.

Streamline Operations with Virtual Agents

Virtual agents are versatile AI-powered assistants developed to help you deliver better experiences by tapping into the capabilities of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

How Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Improves Soccer Performance

The most successful teams are leading the adoption of technology to improve performance, make predictions and gain competitive advantages on their rivals. By analyzing a player’s position, history, strengths, or more, characteristics, a machine learning model can yield precise insight otherwise unattainable.