AI During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Think back to 2019. Did you ever question what was a “normal” day for you? Did you ever think that one day life —as we knew it— would take a complete turn? It is highly unlikely that anyone could have imagined the effects that the Covid-19 pandemic would bring to us

Will AI Overdo Human Abilities?

There are plenty of industries and settings where AI has become positively implemented, but in this article, we have narrowed it down to the top four contexts in which AI is used.

Can AI Outdo Humans in Finance


What you just read might be surprising to some people, but the truth is that AI is already used in a lot of financial markets. Many financial institutions rely on AI to gain more profits and lower risks. Today, investing does not fully belong to the realm of humans anymore: a new trading tool has entered the market.

How AI is Transforming Healthcare


The use of AI in medicine has become more notorious in recent years. Though it has existed for some years, it has recently become more accepted, while still raising ethical concerns for some people.

How Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Improves Soccer Performance

The most successful teams are leading the adoption of technology to improve performance, make predictions and gain competitive advantages on their rivals. By analyzing a player’s position, history, strengths, or more, characteristics, a machine learning model can yield precise insight otherwise unattainable.