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Improved  Intelligence

AI for sports performance

Artificial intelligence in sports is much more than numbers and statistics. The right approach  can help you minimize errors and maximize performance. 

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging data analysis and prediction pre, and post match.

automate processes

AI for business

AI-Powered Chatbots

Conventional chatbots can be limiting when the answer is nonbinary or deterministic.

Artificial Intelligence can add a cognitive layer to have a more human-based conversation with a broader set of answers. AI powered chatbots have shown an ROI of over 1000%.

Accounts Receivables
Predicting with accuracy the total amount of accounts receivable can be difficult with conventional methods.

Analyzing the key variables manually or forecasting with deterministic methods could lead to errors.
Data Categorization

Categorize large quantities of unstructured image, video and textual data faster has ever been possible before. Classify objects, faces, people, sentiment, and more with state-of-the-art AI.

Countless Benefits

With the power of data, Kizuna Tech specialists can take help your business join the fourth revolution. Advanced models can be implemented to free up valuable resource across many departments of businesses of all sizes

Intelligent Virtual Assistance

AI for Healthcare

From automatically processing insurance claims to optimizing medicine dispatching logistics, our AI solutions have helped one of the biggest insurance companies in Costa Rica to automate their processes.

We have also trained deep learning models using MRI images to accurately detect the presence of melanomas, which is harder to detect in early stages. The models are not limited to cancer diagnosis but could be applied to the detection of orthopedic injuries. These image-based algorithms have proven to make diagnoses faster and more accurately than doctors.

Kizuna Tech Costa Rica

A cost-effective solution

The Complaints Department of a Costa Rican Multi-National Enterprise receives nearly 4000 cases a month. With the help of Kizuna Tech, we developed an NLP Algorithm to automate the logic for resolving each case.

Within five minutes, the 4000 cases were classified with a 88% accuracy level, thus minimizing the department labor and resource consumption.


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Increased Accuracy

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Machines have become an indispensable part of the world today, but how do machines understand human language and do the jobs for us?

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AI Powered Virtual Agents

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Ai powered chatbots