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Automate Operations and Routine Tasks

Informed business leaders strive to automate business processes. AI and ML algorithms can optimize operations and the decision-making process in your organization. By training predictive models, our team of AI specialists can take the guesswork of important business operations, resulting in higher accuracy in less time. That’s what we call, Smart Automation

What to automate with AI?

By automating  routine tasks and operations, you can save valuable time and reduce costs. My mixing the power of machine learning with a human factor, we can create processes that will benefit your organization in many ways

For example, you can automate:

Scalable Algorithm

Kizuna Tech in action

The Complaints Department of a Costa Rican Multi-National Enterprise receives nearly 4000 cases a month. With the help of Kizuna Tech, we developed an NLP Algorithm to automate the logic for resolving each case.

Within five minutes, the 4000 cases were classified with a 88% accuracy level, thus minimizing the department labor and resource consumption.

Kizuna cost effective ai

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