Intelligent Automation with AI Powered Chatbots

Provide hassle-free customer service 24/7 with virtual assistants that learn with every interaction, resulting on truly personalized customer experiences

Why use virtual agents?

24/7 Support​

Virtual agent can provide 24/7 service through automated task management. Give your customer stellar support​

Time Saving

AI can take care of simple and repetitive tasks so that your human agents can focus on complicated queries.

Smarter Business

Virtual agent gets smarter and smarter using machine learning. It will identify and categorize the customers’ patterns, find out their needs, and provide the best solution.

Scalable Algorithm

More than a chatbot

We at Kizuna Tech have successfully taken Chatbots one step further. While typical Chatbots interact with customers through texts and can only provide structured answers, our virtual agent can interact not only through texts, but voice, providing a personalized CX.