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With a unique design thinking framework we create AI solutions to empathize and truly understand our client needs. The worlds of artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly changing, intelligence solutions that are specific and customizable are essential. At Kizuna Tech, we provide the necessary guidance to create a successful  implementation, resulting in the combination of design thinking with machine learning. A unique approach to innovate solutions.






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There are different AI maturity levels, meaning there’s no one-solution-fits-all approach. Through our unique AI maturity assessment, we can determine the level at which your organization is located and guide you through the necessary steps to advance and successfully implement AI
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We use a specialized framework that combines agile practices and a design thinking methodology tailored for AI to identify your needs and ensure a higher project success.

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With the right data set, we can create models that can predict with up to 90% confidence so you can prescribe the best solutions
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Manual labors and repetitive tasks can be automated so you can redirect resources to other aspects of your operations


Unlike other companies, we provide transparent and scalable solutions that are platform agnostic. With an Agile approach we guide you across the whole AI journey

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