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Customized Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We are artificial intelligence specialists that believe in democratizing machine learning and deep learning for everyone.
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Join the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

We are helping organizations across different industries experience the benefits of a rapidly accelerating technology in a cost-effective way. At Kizuna, we focus on developing tailor-made A.I. solutions that are efficient, transparent, and scalable. Our team of machine learning specialists will accompany you across the whole journey
Kizuna Tech Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Automate, learn, and improve processes with M.L to increase the efficiency of current operations

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing provides endless possibilities to uncover valuable insight from textual data

Kizuina AI Training

AI Training

Kizuna specialist will guide you with a 100% hands-on training that results in real life applications

Deep Learning at Kizuna

Solve it with Deep Learning

Use the capability of deep learning to process large amounts of image and video data in effective ways
Data Process

Process Large Amounts of Data

Process vast amounts of structured or unstructured data to reveal insight otherwise
Kizuna Difference

End-to-End Lifecycle

We go from data pipeline creation to deployment and supervision so you can be sure our algorithms work

What is your challenge? idea? project?

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Our approach

We listen, analyze and build

Your AI Partners! We start the Solution Ideation process through a guided design thinking session, first analyzing specific needs and the data available. After gathering insight, we will determine together, whether the requirements for an AI project are met, and what solutions are available.

Kizuna Work
Our ai approach

Human-centered AI

Precision, function and confidentiality

How does the power of AI benefits you?  The implementation of AI strategies bring endless benefits to the modern world. A strategy that enables machines technology to complement human strengths will transform your entire industry. Our approach to  AI is one that will bring you functionality and precision. Additionally, you can trust our communication will be encrypted to guarantee your confidentiality

Scalable Algorithm

Transparent and scalable algorithms

Our algorithms are transparent and explicative, ensuring that you truly understand the key drivers behind each of our models. We enable you to make the most accurate and reliable decision.

We are platform agnostic; meaning we can run our solutions on open source software, or proprietary, depending on what best suits your organization

Our algorithms can replace manual and repetitive task with high confidence levels

Kizuna Tech Costa Rica

We monitor algorithms constantly to guarantee performance

Social Responsability

A.I. for you, people and the planet

We are aware of the disruptive changes AI is bringing to the world. That is why we allocate 20% of our profit and resources to conduct research focused on climate change. We also partner with NGOs to help them incorporate AI into their advocacy through our Seeds Program.
Kizuna Tech Social Responsability
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